Databases (ORM, SQL)
DevOps (Jenkins, K8S, AWS, NeverCode, Bash)
Javascript (React, Redux, Vanilla )
Misc. (Git, VPS, DNS)
Mobile (React Native, Swift, Java, iOS, Android)
Polyglot (C, R, GO, C++, PHP, etc.)
Python (Pyramid, Django, Flask)
Security (Networking, Pentesting, Social Engineering)
Soft Skills (Problem Solving, Communication, Teamwork, Leadership)
Web (HTML, CSS, Photoshop)


August 2011 - Present
ALEXpert - Freelance Technologist

Assisted in all areas of technology for different companies overall bettering my skills and enhancing the companies I worked for. Development and information security were my primary focuses.

January 2019 - Present
REPAY - Mobile Tech Lead

July 2017 - Present
REPAY - Full Stack Developer

May 2015 - July 2017
UCF Center for Distributed Learning - Techranger

Provided support, troubleshooting, and consulting for miscellaneous groups within the University in a variety of areas. My favorite areas of focus were full stack development (Python/JS), developing security scripts (Python/AWS).

Freelance Services

Business Services

Running a business is hard, leave the tech for a technologist. Website design, content creation, business cards, graphic design, email servers, networking, marketing, hosting and domain name provisioning, search engine optimization, and more.

Mobile Apps

Have an existing app? Want an app? Have an idea to pitch? Using my eye for design and mobile experience we can ship and maintain world-class applications to both the Apple and Android marketplace.

Security Consulting

A passion of mine has been getting into devices, places, and accounts that I am not supposed to be. From physical security (doors, locks, and people) to application and device security. I can do a one stop security audit and facilitate a plan to mitigate risk and exposure.


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