Databases (ORM, SQL, GORM, Postgres, RDS, DynamoDB, MongoDB)
DevOps (Docker, Jenkins, K8S, AWS, Terraform, Bash)
Javascript (React, Redux, Vanilla, Typescript, Jest)
Misc. (REST, GraphQL, GRPC, Git)
Mobile (React Native, Swift, Java, Apple, Android)
Polyglot (GO Golang, C, R, C++, PHP, etc.)
Python (Pyramid, Django, Flask, Jinja2, Celery, ElasticSearch, Alembic)
Security (Networking, Pentesting, Social Engineering, Covert Entry)
Soft Skills (Problem Solving, Communication, Teamwork, Leadership, Management)
Web (HTML, CSS, Markdown, SEO, Photoshop, Hugo, Marketing)


August 2011 - Present
ALEXpert - Freelance Technologist

Assisted in all technology areas for multiple companies, improving my skills and enhancing the companies I worked. Development, consulting, and information security were my primary focuses.

June 2021 - Present
Masterbuilt | Kamodo Joe - Mobile Applications Development Manager

Day-to-day management of development projects, teams, and engineers. Hold project lead status and handle the launch of new Mobile Apps and IoT Product Firmware. Participate in software validation process through development, review, and quality testing. Write a detailed, tactical and strategic IoT and mobile roadmap that contains all facets of its development and rollout cycle, including budgets, staffing, QA, architecture, infrastructure, and contingency planning.

January 2019 - July 2021
REPAY - Mobile Team Lead Manager

Interviewed and built an effective team of four developers for our newly formed React Native mobile apps. Owned the technology stack and influenced a team culture that was fun, productive, and focused. Was in charge of releasing and deploying our application to the Android Play Store and Apple iOS App Store. Managed one on one’s, performance reviews, and mentored our junior developer to be brought on full time. As a manager, I was rated a High Performer by my reports, “Knowledgeable, always willing to help, strong work ethic.”

January 2019 - July 2021
REPAY - Mobile Developer

Rebuilt an outsourced application on an innovation day. Executives loved the solution and green-lighted me working on this. Created a unique solution to white label and deploy our mobile apps through automation scripts, UI testing, unit testing, and CI/CD deployment pipelines. I translated a web app to be mobile-first and integrated push notifications, biometrics, and card scanning ability.

January 2018 - January 2019
REPAY - Platform Full Stack Developer

Developed for a team of polyglots that delivered on technical debt and features for developers. Single Sign-On, authentication and authorization with OPA, Active/Active database handling, a tool that moves bytes/files between datastores on a schedule, a developer toolkit to spin up projects, a command-line interface to auth with ECR and AWS locally, developer docs platform and dashboard w/ backstage, and a robust email service which wrapped SendGrid with reporting.

July 2017 - January 2018
REPAY - Channels Full Stack Developer

Worked on a team that delivered features to our customers. Enhanced a highly customizable and dynamic RESTful Python API, react application, and backend processing system focused on electronic payments. SMS Pay/Chat workflows using Twilio, a programmable IVR system, checkout form improvements, fluid docs translations, crons running customer data, and self serve configuration options for sales.

January 2018 - Present
RPAA 501(c)(3) - President (CTO)

Oversaw a nonprofit board of directors where our focus was to market and grow the sport. Implemented agile best practices with a kanban board and established a technology baseline, finally being profitable.

May 2015 - July 2017
UCF Center for Distributed Learning - Web Developer (Techranger)

Provided development, troubleshooting, and consulting within the University. The most notable project was leading a security-based alerting app using Python, Machine Learning, Javascript, and AWS Lambda.

June 2012 - Jan 2014
YMCA of the Treasure Coast - Software Engineer

Automated the volunteer and employee background check process. Created and deployed a volunteer time tracking system. Developed tooling for the company intranet, website, and social media pages.

Freelance Services

Business Services

Running a business is hard, leave the tech for a technologist. Website design, content creation, business cards, graphic design, email servers, networking, marketing, hosting and domain name provisioning, search engine optimization, and more.

Mobile Apps

Have an existing app? Want an app? Have an idea to pitch? Using my eye for design and mobile experience we can ship and maintain world-class applications to both the Apple and Android marketplace.

Security Consulting

A passion of mine has been getting into devices, places, and accounts that I am not supposed to be. From physical security (doors, locks, and people) to application and device security. I can do a one stop security audit and facilitate a plan to mitigate risk and exposure.


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